Influencers, like yourself, help our family company continue to grow.

As an affiliate, you’ll help spread the word about Main Event USA®. In return you will be financially compensated for sales made thanks to your efforts.

What are affiliates responsible for?

  • Sharing our brand with followers, friends, & family.
  • Representing our small business with professionalism.
  • Receiving emails from our domain so we can keep in contact.

    What do our most successful Affiliates do?

    • Post imagery of their letter board on their social media platforms (such as Instagram or Facebook), remembering to include Affiliate Link & special discount code for followers.
    • Use Pinterest.
    • Write about our felt letter boards on their blog.
    • Create an unboxing video for their YouTube Channel or Instagram..
    • Keep an open dialog about the product with followers, friends and family.

    What is Main Event USA® Looking For in an Applicant?

    • 18 years of age or older;
    • Have a public Instagram or Facebook Account;
    • Have a current blog or YouTube Channel;
    • Have a following of 2K users or greater in each active platform;
    • Have a United States mailing address;
    • Currently own a Main Event USA® branded letter board or are planning to purchase one;
    • Someone who has not engaged in previous collaborations with felt letter board companies. We feel this better respects any previous relationships.

    I'm Interested, What's The Next Step?

    • Using a desktop or laptop computer, please complete the application (link found just below). A Main Event USA® Team Member will review your application. You will hear from us if you are accepted into our program or not.
    • If accepted, you will be asked to sign a document stating that you have read through our Terms & Conditions. Lastly, you will receive an email series to help you get started.

    Here's to Being Bold, Brave, and Yourself..


    Please click here for the application.