Here at Main Event USA® the people are people, not machines

Yes, that's right, we are a company filled with people. No robots. We are family owned and operated in the United States. We believe that a customer's experience with us should be personal, and that starts from purchase, to delivery, all the way to customer feedback.

Our Customers

This may come as a surprise, but our customers are also apart of our company. If it weren't for our customers we would not even be here to share our awesome merchandise. That's why we put every effort possible into ensuring that our customers are treated with personal, one-on-one care. We don't have automated machines; all of our correspondence comes from one of our hard working team members. 

It doesn't stop with the "buy" button

We don't stop serving our customers after they place an order. Each order is special. How can we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if we don't follow up with our customers? All orders will receive a follow up email ensuring that everything is perfect. Customer satisfaction is that important to us.